"Obsolete yourself before others do it for you"

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Does the following sound familiar?

Your sales team does a terrific job of articulating the technical superlatives of your solutions, and makes passing reference at their benefits…the prospect thanks them for their time, and you never see your prospect again...or worse, your website falls woefully short of stating why they 'gotta have' your solutions. You never even get to waste resources at a mediocre slideshow…you lost to your competition, to Do Nothing or Home Grown! Oh, and mobile devices redefined everything you knew about delivering business critical apps to the knowledge worker (BYOD)!

The Solution

- Selling to the CXO with CBIT Software Solutions -

The CXO only wants to hear what you are materially contributing to the current FY, free up capex/opex to strategic business initiatives for an unfair competitive advantage! 

Did you build the house and car you own? Probably not because doing so is not your core competence, and yet, that is exactly how business has been investing scarce resources, oblivious to the carbon cost (or TCO) of investing $1 can easily be 10+X (FTEs, HW/SW maintenance, HVAC, physical property etc.)! You have to address this with your solutions! The prospect by and large does not understand this, and has wasted scarce shareholder resources for years. 

CBIT Software Solutions is your strategic partner to get all this done faster and much more cost effectively than you can do it internally, or with your MSP/SI or trusted advisor/consulting firm and tax accountant.

In 2018 CBIT worked with 45 net new clients, rendering unique, custom solutions to obsolete competition for current FY unfair advantage.

Only three Think Tanks remain available in 2019. 
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