"Obsolete yourself before others do it for you"

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"Nobody cares what you sell"

"Cold calling is dead...long live the Smart Call"

"90% of sales challenges originate at lead gen"

"Why CRM is essential"

"Do Nothing is your #1 competitor"

"Everybody is in sales"

"How to leverage Trusted Advisor"

"3-way handshake"

"How to go from 80/20 to 50/50"

"Is 4X enough"

"What it takes to win by a country mile"

Since 2002, with storied sales and channels leadership roles all the way from Ford Motor Co., Unisys, Computer Associates, Compuware and BEA Systems, CBIT has believed in the unfair competitive advantage that comes from obsoleting your competition's sales models. 

CBIT's goal is not to make you competitive...in most sales environments second place pays nothing, similar to sports where people have a hard time remembering who came in second...CBIT is a CXO Think Tank, not afraid to take a radical look at your business model, and what it takes to win by a country mile. Your 'baby' may be ugly...or, choosing a cutesy company name that depicts 'Selling Religion' in hopes of finding 'True Believers'. Then there are those that actually can articulate the features and benefits, but can't exactly pinpoint the problem being solved, or what monetary benefit was...talk about a leap of faith being asked of your prospects! If you're not world-class, you are a commodity -- hence, obsolete yourself before others do it for you!

CBIT leaves 'trust me' to the used car lot. CBIT focuses on making sure you and your sales teams know how to articulate your value adds and spell 'monetized use cases', far and beyond ROI.

Winning is the only thing.

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